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A Brand's hard-to-recycle plastic waste and by-products can be someone's raw material. Recyclate processed by a Recycler can be a preferred feedstock for a manufacturer trying to reach recycled content and sustainability goals.

With Etsaw, Organizations at any stage of the Circular Economy - whether processing plastic waste or manufacturing new products with recycled materials, can trade sustainable plastics at scale, easily and more efficiently than before.

Our goal is to boost the offtake of recycled plastic as an alternative to new virgin plastic resins, generate significant cost, energy & carbon savings, create green jobs and business opportunities and in the process help accelerate your sustainability goals.

Smart, cloud-based solution with a solid, real-world impact!

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Our cloud-based and data-powered tools augment the efforts of your purchasing, operations, and sustainability teams by facilitating material and financial transactions digitally. Etsaw makes trading sustainable plastics stress-free with extensive tracking, comprehensive customer support, and an unparalleled user experience.

Etsaw Advantage

Plastic Circularity: Eliminate
Waste, Enhace Impact.

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